Unless y'all got a poll on the prayer topics of Catholics, don't be so certain @mccallansteve. Fairly certain even so-so lukewarm Catholics say a few prayers for their relatives.
Satan cannot touch the souls in purgatory but he has been extremely successful in getting the vast majority to no longer pray for them. Shame on the priests who are responsible for not talking about purgatory and how to help them by prayer and indulgences
Satan hates and wants to cut off the communion between the living and the dead for the living without intercession of holy souls would be an easy target to be devoured. Devil is so jealous and indignant to souls in purgatory who are guaranteed sooner or later by God's mercy the Heaven and no way to fall back to Hell. O God deliver us from evil and be merciful unto us.
We love you dear Sisters. You visited our chapel in Texas a few years ago. God bless you and keep your save.