Nuns Discover Two Naked Youngsters in Confessional

Eight Celestine nuns of San Basilio Monastery in L’Aquila were visited twice during the night of June 1/2, local media write.

The first time, Abbess Giovanna woke up at 3.00 am when hearing the elevator. She peeked out of the cell, saw two young men trying to open the door to the cell of an elderly sister, went back to her room, got dressed, made noise with water in the bathroom and with knocking, and drove the two away who dropped a glass of beer in the process.

When the police arrived, it found the monastery church door open.

Around 5am the nuns again heard noises in the church and discovered a young man and woman naked in the confessional. As soon as the two saw the sisters they ran out unclothed. They had entered by forcing the church door.


Geweldig verzet zusters.
Everything is ok ! evil ,is normal when there are no morals no guiit ,no consequences for damages ,,we need to come back to God and to His comandements
Jeffrey Ade
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