Francis Has Received a Promising Visitor

Nine days after meeting Buenos Aires Cardinal Poli whom Francis wants out, he received Poli’s likely successor. On May 15, La Plata’s kissing expert…
Pope Francis really isn't looking so good these days. Check out those horribly sunken eyes...
Alex A
Noted. But what do make of the second lot of photos?
@Alex A He needs a bigger rosary with MUCH bigger beads. :P T He should get one with beads the size of golf-balls (or larger) :D Buddhism uses a set of prayer beads called "mala" and Buddhist samurai would wear HUGE versions with their armor. (example on left)
Alle vriendjes van paus Franciscus zijn volledig de weg kwijt.
@Jeffrey Ade They have the same taste in pectoral crosses?
Plus in the second group of photos, he's wearing the rosary like a necklace - the only famous person whom I know who does the same is the depraved pop star "Madonna" ( no relation to the real Madonna - Our Lady)!
@Orthocat I never saw the 2nd photo until now. Hmm...
Jeffrey Ade
As an aside, does anyone notice anything funny about this guy? See picture attached!