St Peter's Basilica Converted into a Debate Hall

Cardinal Ravasi organised a panel discussion ("Lectio Petri") on 22 November inside Saint Peter's. The four participants sat behind a desk in the …
How appropriate that they all have their backs to the tabernacle. Their message is thus clear
Darrell J Roman
The Blessed Sacrament in St. Peters is reserved in a side chapel. There is no tabernacle behind them
Darrell J Roman
What an abomination! Like they do not have any halls to accomadate these people! Well... the Smoke of Satan has touched many a souls... By the way... that veil on the heads of those women.. does not make them religious.. many a Satan's minions hide behind clerical and religious garb...
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
All those idiots sitting in the audience are likewise apostates, that they would even give support to Ravasi....or Francis, in this endeavor. Sacrilege in the great Basilica. But then again, what do you expect of Francis other than that?
Sancte Teotónio