Homosexual New Provincial Wants to Introduce Immorality

The German Franciscans elected Father Markus Fuhrmann as their new Provincial Minister on 8 June. A few weeks earlier he had announced to the world that he had adopted a homosexual identity.

Talking to the oligarchs' Mk-Online.de (June 11), Fuhrmann demands that the Church abolish celibacy and introduce the [invalid] ordination of women and homosexuality, "The way this morality [= divine revelation] has been officially taught so far, it doesn't serve life [= lust]. It must change, respectively, develop further."

We as a Church are "colourful" [= immoral], the Church is (also) "queer" [= off the mark], God [= the devil] wants that, this corresponds to the "diversity of creation" [= confusion] and is "quite normal" [= in line with the oligarchs].

Needless to say, Fuhrmann is an advocate of the German synodal cul-de-sac. The German Franciscans count 300 scattered members. 60 of them were entitled to vote for Fuhrmann, 15 of them are under 50.

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Openly Gay Priest Elected as Franciscan Superior in Germany
De Profundis
"I would like to promote seeing this as an opportunity that we as a church are colorful, that the church is also queer, that this is what God wants, that this corresponds to the diversity of creation and is therefore quite normal," Fuhrmann told MK-Online.
Alle homoseksuelen de Rooms Katholieke kerk uit.
Fr Dan
All he needs to do is quit the fransiscans and be a lutheran, but no, they want to pull us all down
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Brother Markus Fuhrmann, who recently came out as gay, has been elected provincial prior of the German Franciscans. In an interview, he criticizes the Church's moral teaching and calls for the abolition of celibacy and access for women to the holy orders.
They are playing with FIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eternal fire.
And they leave him in the order?
They ELECTED him right after being outed as gay.
How proud Satan is of Provincial. He can't wait to meet you.
atreverse pensar
This is getting worse.
Really? Adopted a Homosexual identity,just like that .maybe he should try to adopt a straight and virtuous life .
Powerful Catholic Prayers
Mercy Lord.
De Profundis
Francis will soon call him into one of his dicasteries as counsellor...