Happy Birthday: Benedict Did Not "Allow" Roman Mass Nor Can Francis "Forbid" It

In Traditionis Custodes, Francis has issued an order while papal authority is unraveling and the Church is at an ungovernable stage, German author Martin Mosebach - who turns 70 today - notices on FirstThings.com (July 30).

Francis abandons much advertised principles such as “listening,” “tenderness,” “mercy,” but Mosebach suggests that Traditionis Custodes' “vehemence" suggests "that this directive has come too late.”

Resistant Catholics “won't allow their futures to be darkened by obsolete ideologies,” Mosebach believes, adding that it was not good and not wise, to put papal authority to this test.

He reminds that Summorum Pontificum doesn't “allow” the Roman Mass nor grant a privilege but declares "that the celebration of the old Mass doesn't need any permission" since "it had never been forbidden because it never could be forbidden."

Mosebach calls this “a fixed, insuperable limit to the authority of a pope,” explaining that the Old Mass “is as a matter of principle beyond the pope’s power of prohibiting.”

His conclusion: After July 16, 2021 “every priest has the moral right to celebrate the Old Rite" that never was forbidden and cannot be forbidden.

Picture: Martin Mosebach © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsPyyulvowqo

Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald, 1964: May I take this occasion to bring to your attention what is a growing concern to many of us. When I was ordained, 43 years ago, homosexuality was a practically unknown rarity. Today it is rampant among (priests).
John A Cassani
He is correct, of course. We need to pray for priests, as this action seeks to limit priestly ministry. Priests need to be the primary resisters. Perhaps Our Lord brought to light the unjust plight on so many “cancelled” priests when He did so that His faithful would be aware of our warriors and their tribulations.
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"Tradition stands above the pope. The old Mass is as a matter of principle beyond the pope’s authority to prohibit." (Martin Mosebach)
Excellent insight and the proper way forward.
Brilliant: the best response yet. Deo Gratias.