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Liberal Helsinki Bishop resigns at 72 – Background

Pope Francis accepted on May 20 the resignation of liberal Helsinki Bishop Teemu Sippo (72), Finland, a convert from Lutheranism.

The official story is that Sippo fell on Christmas 2018 on an icy road, suffered a traumatic head injury, and spent three months in hospital.

But there is more: Helsinki diocese - 8 parishes, 30 priests, 15,000 Catholics - is technically bankrupt with debts running into the millions. There are proposals to sell the bishop’s house and property of the parishes.

Sippo was ordained in 2009 by the radical German Cardinal Lehmann (+2018), his former teacher. He kept himself busy with ecumenism neglecting his diocese and lead trips of Lutheran tourists to Italy promoting during such occasions Lutheran services in Catholic churches in this country. For the feast of the diocesan patron, Saint Henrik (January 19), he was rarely present.

The diocesan center Stella Maris in Lohja is a ruin because necessary repairs were neglected. A lot of money goes to well paid diocesan employees. The treasurer is a Lutheran.

Sippo recently appointed an African priest as rector of the Cathedral while a talented Finnish priest who knows the difficult language and celebrates the Old Latin Mass runs the smallest parish of the diocese.

O Maoleoin How appropriate that you're quoting the lyrics of Freddie Mercury in this context. :D
O Maoleoin
Another heretic bits the dust.