Church Unity Is "Illusion," Church Must "Appreciate" Homosex - Presiding German Bishop

The Church's teaching on homosexuality must be "changed,” presiding German bishop Georg Bätzing told DeutschlandFunk.de (May 20). He believes that “…
Fr Dan
Everyone Must be treated with respect and dignity. BUT there is objective and absolute right and wrong, sin and virtue. The Bible and the Church through the ages teach that the homosexual ACT is intrinsically disorder. THAT IS AN ABSOLUTE THAT CANNOT BE CHANGED. The modernists can say and do as they please, but the Faith stands firm, ABSOLUTELY
Ave Crux
I have to say it again....whoever the cartoonist is, they're genius.
The bishop spits into the face of Christ. Christ in His love, endures it. For now. Tremble, bishop!
Maybe he should be called a CEO of a branch instead of a church
Louis IX
The guy in the business suit really should think about setting up his own church. The money won’t be as good but I am sure that isn’t his motivation.
The Germany Church Corporation is pushing at an open door with Francis, whom it is said is subsidised by them, as well as the Chicoms from the McCarrick deal.