Next Vatican Folly: St Peter's Closes Down

St Peter’s will be closed down completely on October 2 and all usual Masses are cancelled according to a notice in the sacristy.

The entire basilica is reserved for a closed group attending a Eucharist at the main altar and a catechises by Father Fabio Rosini.

MessaInLatino.it calls this decision strange, surreal and draconian. The event could have taken place in a reserved side chapel. So far, during Masses in St Peter's, visitors were allowed to enter, take photos and create buzz.


Jan Joseph
Er gaat iets gebeuren dat het daglicht niet kan verdragen.
In their idea it's not more necessary to celebrate our custodian angels which is today!
Didn't they already pimp out the Sistine chapel to corporate sponsors already? Why not the whole thing? 😬 😭
Can sponsors include product placement, too? "God Gives Life To Adam..."
From this one can assume Rosini, who is purported to be affiliated with the NeoCats, is going to be celebrating the NeoCat's Judeo-Protestant liturgy on the altar of St. Peter's? Why else would everything be closed down this way? They don't want anyone seeing it and taking photos.
I hope it is not a rehearse for the Abomination of Desolation AKA Mass without Words of Consecration! 🥵
Abigail Wandsworth
They need to give the Vatican back to the Catholic church!!