There’s been buzz in the Archdiocese of Washington about possible restrictions on the TLM. The altar boys of the “flagship” TLM parish in the archdiocese wrote to the cardinal-archbishop. and 5 more users link to this post
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Upcoming planned restrictions of The Latin Mass in Washington D.C.
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The Latin Mass community of Old St. Mary's has been the lifeblood of that parish since it was reestablished in 1989. Even from a pragmatic standpoint, cancelling it would be folly, as people travel long distances to go there - that would not happen if the TLM were not offered.
Wilma Lopez
Tired of everyone begging and being so so humble in cajoling just to be able to have our true and Holy Mass
michael newman
I wish priests would be brave enough all
Over the world just to go ahead and celebrate the old Mass, not hidden away but openly. It’s utterly ridiculous not to do so.
@michael newman They do. Google up "latin mass near me" or "latin mass locator" The results will surprise you.
Upvoted your points, Michael and Wilma. That being said, we must remember that a priest licitly offers the Holy Mass with the permission of his bishop. That probably make many afraid to "...just go ahead..." if they are the only one to do so in the diocese. Now...if a significant group in the diocese said "We're offering TLM"....... hmmmmm - might work