Francis Misses His “Friend Eugenio”

Francis is saddened by the death of Eugenio Scalfari, 98, an atheist and founder of the satanic newspaper La Repubblica.

In an obituary on Repubblica.it (14 July), Francis writes that “he was for me a faithful friend." Francis rapturously recalls their meetings at the Vatican and their "pleasant and intense" conversations.

According to Francis, Scalfari, an opportunist who began his career as a fascist journalist, "reflected deeply on the meaning of faith." Francis will keep in his heart the "kind and precious memory of the conversations I had with Eugenio during the years of my pontificate."

In those conversations Francis denied the divinity of Christ, the immortality of damned souls and eternal damnation. Francis combines a morbid love for all evil with a strange hatred for all good.

Picture: © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsFnotdehudn

Sally Dorman shares this
Pope Francis called Eugenio Scalfari a faithful friend. Can we deduce that quotes Scalfari attributed to Pope Francis were factual??? A faithful friend would never misquote something you said on purpose?? right??
Malki Tzedek
No matter how good a journalist's memory may be, anyone who doesn't take notes to quote 'verbatim' is not a journalist; you are closer to a writer of fiction. On the other hand, anyone who does not correct a friend when he has misquoted him is not worthy of the name 'friend'.
Perhaps another interview somewhere else.
Jeffrey Ade
@GTVisrockin I hope I don't!
Well, he may very well meet him again one day.