Apostolic Visitation At The Congregation For The Clergy

Mondovì Bishop Egidio Miragoli, 65, Italy, told his priests in a June 7 letter (below) that Francis chose him to carry out an "Apostolic Visitation" at the Congregation for the Clergy.

Francis asked Miragoli, a canon lawyer, at the recent meeting of the Italian bishops “for a favour.” Later, on June 3, Francis informed him in Santa Marta about his “expectations.”

The visitation will begin on Wednesday and last at least the month of June. The Congregation for the Clergy is headed by anti-Catholic Cardinal Beniamino Stella, a very close ally of Francis who turns 80 in August. He is the oldest prefect at the Roman Curia because Francis keeps his collaborators not according to competence but according to loyalty.

It is a novelty to conduct visitations in Roman Dicasteries. Until now, visitations are means to correct problems in a Catholic institution, now they seem to be used as red herrings.

Picture: Egidio Miragoli, © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsWyrpmzlfyq