Parish Priest and His Assistant Both Leave to Get Married

Father David Tacchini, 40, and Father Samuele Biondini, 52, two Italian Francis priests, have left the priesthood.

They were together active in San Pio X parish in Città di Castello near Perugia. Tacchini took his decision almost a year ago. Biondini decided in recent days, but both went public now.

Città di Castello Bishop Domenico Cancian wrote in a statement that he accepted “with respect” their “free decision.” If the two had converted to the Old Rite, the bishop would not have been so magnanimous.

Tacchini re-established relations with a woman he knew from another parish. Biondini caught up with a nurse he met “after some delicate personal affairs” – according to media reports.

Only some weeks ago Father Riccardo Ceccobelli, 42, from the same area, left the priesthood for Laura, 26, telling media “that it was the eternal Father who wanted it” The question is only: For how long?

A reader on (May 13) commented, “Well, ‘go and procreate’…”


Why are they smiling? Wait till the honeymoon is over ,they will see!
Not everyone is locked in a dismal or even so-so marriage. ;-)
Dismal and so so ? Sounds peaceful! I was thinking of the exciting ones!
@pw old fashioned to run off with a woman
At least they are not marrying each other! It is not USA but Italia
Jeffrey Ade
Really? Sorry I was confused?
I honestly wasn't sure with the Novus Ordo. They'd have been denounced and raged if they left for the SSPX.