Pathetic: Treacherous German Bishops Accuse Their Predecessors

The German bishops marked the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II by issuing an April 29 statement accusing their predecessors under the Nazis as “complicit.”

The bishops – who at the moment obsequiously follow the Corona-regime wherever it may lead – claimed gratuitously that their predecessors didn't oppose the war nor the crimes the regime committed.

However, Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, a historian, slammed the statement (, May 6), warning the bishops not to be “henchmen of the past."

He warns that “in the future, the current generation of bishops will have to answer quite a few embarrassing questions.”

Brandmüller mentioned Munich Cardinal Julius Döpfner (+1976) who embezzled a letter of the bishops of the former GDR (East Germany) because these bishops supported Paul VI and his Encyclical Humanae vitae.

He also point to the bishops complicity with the abortion business, “Our generation is truly sitting in a glass house. They shouldn't throw stones.”
Dr Bobus
This group of German Bishops had their Windows broken sometime ago
Nicely phrased . ;-)
Germany's higher clergy has been lock-step (pardon the pun) with everything Marxist including pandering to left-wing historical revisionism.
Jim Dorchak
Its kind of like saying the cat did it. My dog eat my homework. I tripped.
Idiots in charge.