Hammerangriff auf Gemälde in der National Gallery, London
Carol H
Oh blast. I thought they were protesting againat the immoral art work. Oh well I'll console my disappointment with a good book beside my cosy oil fire heater :)
Wenn den Menschen nichts schlaues mehr einfällt oder sie nichts zu tun haben machen sie meistens Blödsinn. 😱
It's being enabled by the media and elites in the cultural institutions! I know, because decades ago when going to museums if you merely walked TOO CLOSE to a painting or work of art , a proximity alarm would sound and a guard would come up to you to warn you.
Cornelio Nino Morales shares this
El ayuntamiento del pueblo de mi padre está mejor vigilado que ese museo, si un mozuelo va a hacer el caimán al ayuntamiento el alguacil lo lanza de cabeza al canal o al monte de estiércol de la finca más cercana.
Nour N
Quiero vivir en el pueblo de tu padre.
Lo mismo siempre: rompen, destruyen, gritan, insultan, pero hacer algo útil, o positivo... ni se les ocurre
Sandy Barrett shares this
Eco zealots smashing the glass of Diego Velázquez's 1651 masterpiece “Rokeby Venus”, depicting the goddess Venus and her son Cupid. Why doesn't the National Gallery have better security?
The museums are colluding with these "political stunts" The real masterpiece is safely locked away in a vault [only to be viewed by elites]. A copy is displayed for the public, hence no need to impede the woke youth brigade! 😤
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
These people all belong in jail.
Sally Dorman
These protesters are wearing the most environmentally damaging garments in the world: jeans.
These idiots then go home and turn up their heat powered by oil
Where does oil come from? How is it made? Answer those basic questions and will you realize it is a resource that God intended humans to utilize. There is no way we are ready to transition to solar and wind to power the economies of the world.
Jule Gabriel
Das machen Menschen, die einen Nagel nicht mit dem Kopf eines Hammers treffen und kein Bild aufhängen, geschweige denn, irgendetwas , dass schön ist, ersinnen können!!!
Michael Karasek
Diese beiden Idioten gehören so schnell wie möglich in eine Irrenanstalt.