Te atreves a imitarla

Autor e interprete: Grupo MIMUAR de RCC Barqto Vzla Catolico. Canto de Alabanza, Mariano, animacion, Despedida.
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Blowout of Papal Car in Lima

Accident in Lima, Pope Francis changed the car
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"Every Life is a precious gift from God"

President Donald J. Trump made history
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Duszo Chrystusowa - uświęć mnie. - Anima Christi

Duszo Chrystusowa, uświęć mnie. Ciało Chrystusowe, zbaw mnie, Krwi Chrystusowa, napój mnie. Wodo z boku Chrystusowego, obmyj mnie. Męko Chrystusowa, pokrzep mnie. O dobry Jezu, wysłuchaj mnie. …
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Jean Sarthois
Tak - to jest to samo... Nie nadepnąłem na filmik.... Nic tylko śpiewać jak z nut - melodia i slowa proste...
Quas Primas
Myślę, że to jest to samo wykonanie. Proszę rozwinąć artykuł i w środku, pomiędzy tekstem polskim i łacińskim jest wstawiony filmik. ----------------… Më shumë
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Vicar General, “I Would Have Suspended A Priest Acting Like Pope Francis”

An unnamed vicar general has commented on Pope Francis’ marriage on an airplane, “If he were a priest in my diocese I would ensure he was suspended, and at his age retired from a public liturgical …
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Whatever this man is doing, he is certainly not upholding the Sacred Deposit of Faith Sit him down in front of a full Tribunal, publicise it, so no … Më shumë
De Profundis
Where was the marriage preparation requested in Amoris Laetitia?
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Francis Celebrated Mass At Empty Places

During his apostolic journey Pope Francis celebrated on January 18 a mass in the city of Iquique, in northern Chile. Preparations were made for over 300,000 faithful, but according to pro-Francis …
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Maybe there is an outbreak of agoraphobia in Chile.
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Milan Mazurek- o islame [29.11.2016]

www.youtube.com/watch Milan Mazurek o islame [29.11.2016]
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oni sa dokonca kastuju samy medzi sebou jeden konvertita na ortodoxiu zid z ameriky co zil v izraeli prehlasil rasistickejsi a marxistickejsi stat … Më shumë
....tá myšlienka ma zaujala:... aby dostali (niekoho-niekam) ... lebo ak je smerodajná, potom človek môže zistiť viac o hociakom politikovi, aké má … Më shumë

Push For Greater Acceptance of Homosexual Unions Continues in German Church - OnePeterFive

Since the beginning of this year, there seems to be an intensification of progressivist activity within the Catholic Church in Germany in order to …
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On October 13, 1884, (33 years to the day prior to the event termed" the Miracle of the Sun" at Fatima) after Pope Leo XIII had finished celebrating … Më shumë
Thwy love money. Donated from the funny

How can I be FILLED with the Holy Spirit?

How can we all be filled with the Holy Ghost?
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Great Video, we all need to be Filled!!!!
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it resembles me the music of Goran Bregović the same rythm I suppose but it is probably Demir Krasniqi (?) I like it a lot ********** have you got any music of that kind?
I have no idea what this song is about but that picture makes me laugh!

Guam Archbishop Apuron denies sex abuse allegation by nephew, all others

Archbishop Anthony Apuron issued a statement denying all allegations of sexual abuse made against him, including the latest one by his nephew.
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Francis’ Airplane-Wedding Was Planned Beforehand

The wedding ceremony with Pope Francis in the airplane on January 18 was apparently not a “spontaneous idea” as claimed by Francis’ partisan Father Antonio Spadaro. The Chilean newspaper El Merc…
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I suppose he and his cronies thought this would be a perfectly HEARTWARMING event that would tug at the heartstrings of the faithful. Oh LOOK how '… Më shumë
Joseph a' Christian
@Dr Stuart Reiss Exsellent summary of the deseitful absurdities that Bergoglio infliktes upon our great Church. God bless you.
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Joseph a' Christian
@Uncle Joe "We are protecting the sanctity of life and the family..." Trump believes in homosexual marriage, therefore his idea of a family is … Më shumë
What an inspiring president! May God bless you, guide you and protect you from the evil one President Trump.

Apostolic Unity

4 981 × 3 355
"Jesus went up into the hills and summoned those he wanted. So they came to him and he appointed twelve; they were to be his companions and to be sent out to preach, with power to cast out devils. … Më shumë
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Mesha Shenjte e falënderimit për Shenjtërimin e Nënë Terezës - 05.09.2016

Sekretari i Shtetit të Vatikanit, Kardinali Pietro Parolin, kryeson Meshën Shenjte të falënderimit të Zotit për Shenjtërimin e së Lumes Nënë Terezë.
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Pope in Peru

786 × 660
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Look slike the hats they wear at german fasching
Such dignity!