Christians should not participate in or support pride month.... It's because according to the law of nature and law of God, marriage should be between man and woman. - Fr. Simon Esshaki
The effeminate, intrinsically disordered, CINO masquerading as a Bishop, John Stowe, is anathema.
Live Mike
“The generation of the Flood was not wiped out until they wrote marriage contracts for the union of a man to a male or to an animal.” - Rabbi Huna (Rabbi Yosef), Genesis Rabbah 26:5 (Genesis 6:2), see also Leviticus Rabbah 23:9 (Leviticus 18:2-4) [excerpt taken from the Rabbinic Midrash - Ancient Jewish Biblical Commentaries]
"until they wrote marriage contracts for the union of a man to a male or to an animal." Last year, in California...
God He is not sleeping.
Hardly anybody dares to defend the family. The world around us has accepted a social system which denies the family. It will sometimes help the child in spite of the family; the mother in spite of the family; the grandfather in spite of the family. It will not help the family.
Don’t wait for the Vatican to step in. It’s not like he required ‘Communion’ kneeling and on the tongue or something
For some people June is the month of the 1st (Top One) deadly sin.
Uriel Choir 9 Angels
Looking at the picture (above) I can tell that the guy is queer. He gives off that 'vibe'.
Yea, a standard FrancisFag
Another apostate masquerading as a Catholic Bishop! Pray for these lost souls !