Asked why CUA students have no access to the Latin Mass on campus, Washington Cardinal Wilton Gregory says “Tradition dies a slow, sometimes bloody death”. He adds that Francis “is right
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Ivan Tomas
Here is that second part: - Gregory, second part.
So….where is the video clip of him saying the part about “tradition dies a slow, sometimes bloody death”? I assume it’s shown on another part of the video since it isn’t shown in this specific clip. Either post the entire (or at least the correct) video that affirms your “quote” or just leave off the quote altogether.
Lisi Sterndorfer
You are right. Wrong cut. Thank you!
You’re so very welcome! And thanks for posting the additional clip where he states exactly what you quoted from his answer to the student’s question. We live in dark and difficult times.
Paul F
Poor man, wake up 'cause you're seeing blind. You rather seem to be on a dead end yourself 😉
Denis Efimov
Why didn't anyone throw rotten tomatoes at this ghoul right at this event where he said all this crap?
Because the vast majority of those in attendance clearly agree with him.
Weasel words - what exactly is a "new tradition"? Tradition is what is handed down. Paul VI instituted a new rite of Mass. This is patently obvious, by its very novelty, not traditional at all. He also allowed an indult quite apart from the elderly priests difficulties with his revolt against the Church.
Ivan Tomas
@Lisi Sterndorfer, I didn't hear him say those words exactly, but if he did say it so, then I say, NO, he is dead wrong. WE should die sometimes slow, sometimes a bloody death FOR, and defending the Holy Mass of All Ages. But all those who try to kill the Holy Mass of the Catholic Church, will die forever. If they do not repent and convert.
He is simply the devils minion.
De Profundis
Hey, Gregory, don't hunt what you can't kill.
Simon North
The man has the intellectual depth of a dish rag.
As does most Bishops in the American Church.