For Francis Eating And Sex Are “Divine”

The pleasure of eating and of having sexual intercourse are “divine,” Francis alleges in Terra Futura, one of his interview books which was published by the Italian gourmet Carlo Petrini (, September 9).

"Pleasure derives directly from God, it is neither Catholic, nor Christian, nor anything else, it is simply divine", and "the pleasure of eating and sexual pleasure come from God," Francis rambles.

He unjustly accuses the Church in the past of an “overzealous morality” which "denied pleasure" which Francis calls “a wrong interpretation of the Christian message.”

He thinks that inhuman, brutish, vulgar “pleasure” is to be condemned while human, simple, moral pleasure must be accepted. However, this is the position of the Church in the past.

“The pleasure of eating is there to keep you healthy by eating, just like sexual pleasure is there to make love more beautiful and guarantee the perpetuation of the species,” Francis added, who has put on a lot of weight since becoming pope.

In reality, eating and sexual activities are in themselves good, human, natural. They need to be cultivated, but are in no way "divine."


We know that right-ordered pleasures were made by God but he still sounds borderline Borgia. However, I'd take a borgia pope over this one
No Francis, every BEAST in the field wants "sex" Rape is caused by the godless wanting "Sex"

Trying to be trendy loses souls.
More Francis blather which is best not to be even read
Sounds like "theology of the body" to me.
Francis slams Catholic Church for alleged "overzealous morality". Not Amoris Laetitia friendly
justiciero contraherejes
que viva el papa franciscoo malditos los que lo maldigan benditos los que lo bendigan.
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