New Dubia Against Synod - Burke, Sarah, 3 More Cardinals

Five Cardinals have written five new Dubia to Francis about his Synod on Synodality. The first Dubia from 2016 against Amoris Laetitia did not receive a response from Francis.

The five new signatories are: German Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, 94, American Cardinal Raymond Burke, 75, Mexican Cardinal Sandoval Íñiguez, 90, Guinean Cardinal Robert Sarah, 78, and Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen, 91.

They want to assist Francis as “various declarations of highly-placed prelates [by Francis] […] are openly contrary to the constant doctrine and discipline of the church.”

Initial Dubia were already sent on July 10. This time, Francis responded, already on July 11. The Cardinals don’t publish Francis' answer as it was not meant for public release. Francis “did not follow the practice” of a response to Dubia so the cardinals re-worded their questions in a yes-or-no format and submitted it again August 21. This time, no answer followed.

The questions are:

• “Is it possible for the church today to teach doctrines contrary to those she has previously taught in matters of faith and morals, whether by the Pope ex cathedra, or in the definitions of an Ecumenical Council, or in the ordinary universal magisterium of the bishops dispersed throughout the world?”

• Is it possible that in some circumstances a pastor could bless unions between homosexual persons, thus suggesting that homosexual behavior as such would not be contrary to God’s law and the person’s journey toward God? Linked to this dubium is the need to raise another: Does the teaching upheld by the universal ordinary magisterium, that every sexual act outside of marriage, and in particular homosexual acts, constitutes an objectively grave sin against God’s law, regardless of the circumstances in which it takes place and the intention with which it is carried out, continue to be valid?”

• Will the Synod of Bishops to be held in Rome, and which includes only a chosen representation of pastors and faithful, exercise, in the doctrinal or pastoral matters on which it will be called to express itself, the supreme authority of the church, which belongs exclusively to the Roman Pontiff and, una cum capite suo, to the College of Bishops?”

• Could the church in the future have the faculty to confer priestly ordination on women, thus contradicting that the exclusive reservation of this sacrament to baptized males belongs to the very substance of the Sacrament of Orders, which the church cannot change?

• Can a penitent who, while admitting a sin, refuses to make, in any way, the intention not to commit it again, validly receive sacramental absolution?

Picture: Brandmüller, Burke, Sarah, Zen © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsDptmpwtqrt

Novena - Oremus
Cardinal Zen holds perhaps the greatest amount of moral capital of anyone in the hierarchy right now.
Sandy Barrett shares this
Francis opens the door to homosex blessings in his response to dubium (Nr. 2) claiming that priests may give such blessings, as long as it is equivalent to a marriage
All these funny post-conciliar dubia - based on documents that should have been a subject of even more important dubia - is nothing but tragifarce / grotesque.
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Damian Thompson:
Pope Francis meticulously prepared the ground for this new dubia crisis by saying one thing and then repeatedly, and in a partisan spirit, promoting clerics who believe another.More
Damian Thompson:

Pope Francis meticulously prepared the ground for this new dubia crisis by saying one thing and then repeatedly, and in a partisan spirit, promoting clerics who believe another.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
You have to add Cardinal Muller to this lsit, who spoke out against the Synod. I hope more Cardinals rise up to condemn/challenge heretic apostato homosexualist Bergoglio.
Boanerges Boanerges
Dubia in 2023? That ship has sailed looong time ago. Why write to the head of counter church, that's like Jews appealing to Hitler. Better to truly unite Christ’s Remnant and to prepare for the coming REAL persecution.
Simon North
@Kenjiro M. Yoshimori: Mueller is a Modernist. Please read his theological speculations regarding the dogma of the perpetual viriginity of Our Lady in partu and the Eucharist.
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Five more Dubia submitted to Francis by 5 cardinals - concerns are homosexual blessings, weight of teaching afforded to the Synod, female ordination, and the necessity of repentance in Confession.
Malki Tzedek
The Mighty Dubia TKO in the first round.
Klaus Elmar Müller
So yes! Burke takes off! He did it quietly, seriously, without publicity. Now he informs the whole church! He acts as the successor of the apostles, jointly responsible for the entire church! Praise and thanks be to God!
True Mass
So M Matt knows how to do cancel culture too. Who would have thought?
Live Mike
We don't know who actually made the decision... perhaps we should look to the official sponsors of the event as to whom may have been responsible. catholicidentityconference.org
Live Mike
Breaking: Anthony Stine of 'Return To Tradition' just stated, "I have it from an inside source that Archbishop Viganò knew that his speech at the Catholic Identity Conference wasn't going to be played and that it's because Michael Matt didn't like it. - 2 October 2023 at 15:30 CET
True Mass
CIC censored Vigano?!? Only AB is reporting so far. Matt has some splaining to do. Spread word far and wide. See Vigano speech on his Twitter.
🙏 🙏 🙏