Uh-Huh. Right. ...and should this prediction fail to materialize hopefully Dr. Marshall's critics never let him forget it.
John A Cassani
It is time for them to resist. Let’s pray for them. When the FSSP vets potential vocations, one of their criteria is that a man have no desire to ever use the new rites. This would be a horrible “bait and switch.” It will throw the Ecclesia Dei communities into crisis.
P. O'B
Heck, just say the "New" Mass in Latin, but ad lib a few parts, like the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar, the nine-part Kyrie, the old Offertory Prayers, the three-fold Domine, Non Sum Dignus. Use the First Eucharistic Prayer and face away from the people. All that ad-libbing ought to make any liberal bishop just thrilled!
atreverse pensar
The defeat took place in 1970, or at least it began, but those who warned against it were ridiculed.
Lisi Sterndorfer
Make no mistake, this was the purpose of this "memorandum" and "questionnaire". It was a signal that Rome would no longer enforce either canon law or Summorum Pontificum, and bishops were free to do as they pleased.
For 11 years I’ve been told FSSP priests NEVER say Novus Ordo and NEVER concelebrate the Novus Ordo Mass.
Jeffrey Ade
Yes same here, but they are under novus ordo bishops and part of the conciliar church! Weird how liar is in the word concliar, seems appropriate!
But the Institute of Christ the King pastor in Detroit did concelebrate the NO at the Cathedral a year ago for Holy Thursday.