Was Francis’ Basilica Lunch the “Highest Exaltation of Charity”? By Fr Reto Nay

Radio Vatican interviewed Father Antonio Spadaro in an effort to justify Francis’ Basilica lunch. According to Spadaro, “The fact that Pope Francis had lunch in this sacred building is the highest exaltation of charity and, therefore, the fundamental principle of Christianity.”

If this were true, then every church needs to be transformed into a restaurant, hospital or hostel. One would even have to ask whether it is legitimate to have churches which are only churches.

Spadaro should read what Acts 6,2 says about this.

Re-purposed Basilica catered to serve state-funded elitist advocates for the poor
Joseph a' Christian
Bergoglio also prayed in satanic mosques and false jew temples.
This is not charity, this is evil.
Jesus warned us of liars and thieves, false shepherds whose voices we will not recognize.
Angie W.
The divine punishment falls on Bergoglio for having desecrated the House of God (with the "poor" muslim invaders that has Smartphone) as God cursed King Belsasa for profaning sacred vessels of the Temple as we can read at Daniel 5. It is well know that Bergoglio also desecrated the Cathedral of Buenos Aires Argentina with a Tango mass.
Honestly, if one was to bring a table into a court room and start eating a meal what would the judge do?
Don Reto Nay
I remember that Christ said about the temple, "It is written, ‘My house shall be called a restaurant’.” Or am I confusing something? 😀
Valiant Woman
The Francis having lunch in a Church is the highest exaltation of charity? LOL! This is the dumbest time to be alive. 😀 🚬
Father, they just do not get it. Once, many years ago, when my wife and I were still SECULAR Franciscans, the Fraternity we were in set up a table in the middle of the church with food for some feast day or another. My wife and I were mortified and we let them know. I don't believe even they ever did that again.