Laughing Stock Furniture For German Novus Ordo

Munich Auxiliary Bishop Bernhard Haßlberger inaugurated June 1 a meal-table for St John Baptist Parish in Jaibing.

The married Liturgist Matthew Hazell quoted on Twitter.com the empty Vatican II words demanding that “all things set apart for use in divine worship should be truly worthy, becoming, and beautiful.”

Hazell found a similar table at Ikea (picture) and mocked Munich Archdiocese, “We love Ikea! Let us pay someone 100 times the price to make something that looks like it came from there!”

Another commentator invented this dialogue:

Bishop Haßlberger: “We have gathered to consecrate this altar”
Georg: “Hans, shouldn't we tell Haßlberger that this is the credence table?”
Hans: “Shut up, Georg! We plan to use it as such once the Roman Rite is back.”


Wat een jaloezie van de Romeinse Rite.
This is the sterile Synodal Path that Germany wishes to inflict on The Church.
Not sterile, but toxic.
I was referring to the aesthetics, not the theology. ;-)
Ave Crux
What a disgrace....another desecration and desacralization of the Holy Sanctuary. At this point, forget theology -- why don't they at least consult a good interior decorator with some common sense?
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