Francis Barely Able to Walk (Video)

It was with greatest difficulties that Francis walked the short distance from the Popemobile to the stage for the June 8 General Audience.

He used a cane and his collaborators supported him.


Paus Franciscus kan beter in een rolstoel.
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But he never goes away
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Yes, but I ask God's help for his Church.
Walking is not the main problem, his mouth is.
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And his person
He needs a good dose of Tradition!
Hound of Heaven
Last time I looked, mobility issues were not something which would prevent anyone from becoming or remaining pope. Barely able to stick to Catholic doctrine and teaching, well, that's another matter.
Tony M
Amazing, where he looks to be so frail & weak, he is able to wreak such havoc & destruction of the Catholic Church with his heresies, blasphemies & idol (Pachamama) worshipping.....and as such with this scandalous behaviour from the Chair of Peter.......lead millions of Catholics all over the planet to the gates of Hell.
"to counter the bulls__t he’s so full of." @michael newman who also wrote: "But the filth here is the filth and everyone can see the filth for what it is."