Maintaining the Illusion: Cardinal “Allows” Meat on Lent Friday

New York Cardinal Dolan has "allowed" eating meat on Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17, which falls on a Friday in Lent. This is an attempt to maintain …
John A Cassani
Providence is the only Diocese in the northeast that didn’t dispense. Thomas Tobin is a good bishop. We will miss him pretty soon.
Kunst und die schönen Dinge
This is a pretty interesting map, considering where the orange areas are in Michigan, my Michigan...
Wichita Knight
Every year my wife and I make a list of the dates and parishes for Friday fish fries in the diocese and use this as an excuse to visit as many parishes as we can. This annual 'pilgrimage' has expanded our circle of friends to other Catholics far and beyond the confines of our own parish.
Knowing the life and times of St. Patrick, he would have abstained from meat on a Saint's feast day.
Louis IX
There are Orders of monks that follow a rule of no meat unless very ill and needed for strength after recovery. If monks can follow that level of abstinence throughout their entire lives, Catholics can go without meat 5 or 6 Fridays in a year. Sheesh.
Harvey Millican
It’s kind of like when they “suspended” the Sunday obligation - in some cases for two years! - for the coof. Did they think the average NO Catholic even knew there WAS an obligation? Puh-leeeze…
Plus many who actually came to church pre-"pandemic" haven't returned. Our already low attendance percentage took a further hit. When speaking with someone lamenting the closure of parishes in our diocese, I brought this up. He however was still buying the MSM narrative: "But it was to save lives!", he protested. 🥱 🥴
Bonnie Louise
Will be making my corned beef on Saturday, fasting and Fish on Friday.
THis Cardinal goes fast(ting) to the kitchen
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
HAHAHAHAHA!!! Does he really believe that Catholics follow the no-meat on Fridays during Lent? If he does, he lives in fantasy land. 99.9% of Vatican II Catholics do as they please.....perfect example is the garbage happening in Germany, fully applauded and encouraged by the silence of Bergoglio/ aka"'pope" Francis.
Dr Bobus
I dont know where you are, but in the US a surprising number of Catholics observe the Lenten Friday abstinence. In this diocese there are at least 3 parishes that have fish dinners, and people often drive an hour or so to attend. Further, the most famous restaurant in KC usually offers a soft shell crab sandwich at all three locations on Lenten Fridays.
Yes "Fish on Friday" is still part of Catholics' cultural memory - but some may see it as a treat rather than a penance. Red Lobster shrimp combo anyone? 🤗
Yeah, not much of a sacrifice Orthocat.
Arthur McGowan
I have been going to Red Lobster this Lent. Never did this before. They are mobbed on Fridays.
From the look of him he did away with fasting as well!
The obese Cardinal Archbishop of New York needs to be reminded that gluttony is a capital sin.