Bishop: Amazon Synod Should Introduce Married Priests, Female Deacons

The 2019 Synod for the Amazon region should lead to the ordination of married men to the priesthood and of women to a female diaconate, retired [Modernist] Bishop Erwin Kräutler, 78, told kathpress.

Austria born Kräutler is the secretary of the Brazilian bishops’ conference. His main argument is an alleged “horrendous” shortage of priests.

Picture: Erwin Kräutler, © Holger Motzkau, CC BY-SA, #newsCmpyxzkost
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one of the reasons that are less priests, is because priestwood suppose to be a devotion to God and the guardians of Faith and Truth ,instead some clergy are devoted in destroying the Faith and Truth on top of it they brought ideologies and evil to the church
Roberto 55
This horrendous shortage of priest is because of modernist like him.
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