Australia: Bishop Attacked During Sermon

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel (Assyrian Church of the East affiliated to Canada) was reportedly stabbed with a pen while preaching at his church 'Christ The Good Shepard' in Wakeley, West Sydney.

The attack was livestreamed (below). The clergyman was taken to hospital. The attacker was tackled by worshippers before police moved in and arrested him. He injured several worshippers.

Bishop Emmanuel rose to prominence during the Covid hysteria by criticising the harsh lockdown measures, which he branded 'mass slavery'. In this video he talks about his visit to Gaza.

Just last Saturday, six shoppers were stabbed to death in a Sydney shopping centre.


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After the attack, the Bishop got to his feet, and placed his hand on the head of the assailant and began praying for him.
This bishop is not a member of the Assyrian Orthodox Church, but was ordained a bishop of the Ancient Church of the East. He was Excommunicated in 2014.
We need this Bishop in the Church and to shake the Church! Ave Maria
May Almighty God bless and preserve this Holy bishop. From Ireland ☘️
God was watching over him. The blade never opened.
He is a brave man, but he's a Nestorian
Please continue to pray for the good bishop he is in critical condition.
Fernanda Dellucci
Stable now.
Fernanda Dellucci
Sky News, citing police officers reported that the injured individuals suffered non-life-threatening injuries following the stabbing attack at a church in Sydney, which targeted Assyrian Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, where a few others were also reportedly injured.
Cornelio Nino Morales
Bishop Mar Mari is stabbed during a sermon. The assailant shouted “Allahu Akbar” and stabbed 3 others as he was wrestled to the ground. The bishop’s wounds are not considered life threatening