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War Archbishop Prolongs War Into Way of the Cross, Criticises Crazy Text

Kiev Greek-Catholic Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, 51, asked Francis on April 12 to scrap plans to have a Ukrainian and a Russian woman carry the cross …
But You oh Lord how long?
Francis pandered relentlessly to the corrupt Kirill and his owner Putin, denying that Greek Rite Catholics should exist, yet they ignore him, Putin wouldn't take his call when the war started.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Hooray for Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marguerite Marie
This text is completely inadequate. As If the Lord was guilty of what happens in Ukraine...
Fernanda Dellucci
That's it.
Fernanda Dellucci
The Ukrainian Catholic leader is concerned by the format of Francis' Good Friday Via Crucis, calls it an untimely idea