angry bob
If it was me, I would be embarrassed to have a painting of me done like that. It would be a funny joke and I would get a good laugh. Once this is all over and history will show what a terriable Pope was all will laugh at this portrait.
Wow, cant get over that The Holy Family and the Holy spirit is in the darkness while bergolio is in the light.
Communist propaganda
If you notice the Holy family with no Halos the Holy Spirit formed as a dove (assuming) all placed in the different background colour and completely separated from him which indicates that they have nothing to do with him. Plus St Joseph’s flowers not bloomed. But the main highlight is definitely the rainbow and he is the centre of it. This paint says a lot what is coming soon in October.
The pope leaning over little kids with a rainbow over them.
angry bob
Unfortunately this is how a lot of Catholics see him.
Look how scared the children look!
The look on Archbishop Vigano's face at the presentation of this portrait is priceless.
They forgot the pitchfork and horns
Are they serious ??? Oh no...that’s too much...
Who's responsible for this monstrosity?
...... I can't stop laughing ........
Francis on being a hypocrite:
“What makes people hypocrites?” he asked (March 2014), observing that “they disguise themselves, they disguise themselves as good people: they make themselves up like little holy cards, looking up at heaven as they pray, making sure they are seen – they believe they are more righteous than others,” but really “they despise others.”