"Vatican sources told..." So tthere isn't any proof Francis got this shot than there is for the last two. Just a press release.
So what if it's made with the blood of dead babies, the old men don't want to catch a cold
Roberto 55
of vitamins...
atreverse pensar
Apostles of the vakuna.
Likely Bergie the bad got the good globalist saline jab.
가입을 원합니다
Korean Catholics sent vaccine fund 4,102,564 USD. to Holy See.
Korean bishops ask laypeople for second vaccine fund again.
The Church rulers only say money these days.
가입을 원합니다
sent $1 million for second vaccine fund
Holy Cannoli
Cassandra Laments
I do love the cartoons - they are excellent and bring a laugh, which is much needed in these times. I suspect a book of them might sell well - and also bring the bad news to many who are so far unenlightened by the truth.
Live Mike
If you believe this whopper... "I have a bridge to sell you".
"I have a bridge to sell you"
That's exactly what you find today in the Pontifex Maximus Megastore.
Big whigs get a saline jab which allows them to virtue signal. Benedict probably got the particularly dangerous Moderna jab.
Don't expect anything anymore from clergy.
가입을 원합니다
Catholic Church rulers including Korean bishops enjoy their power instead of their marriage and want to dominate laypeople.
Buddhism rulers are also celibacy but never dominate laybuddhists.
Look at the clothing of bishop & cardinal. Buddhism rulers wear the same clothes as other ordinary monks.
Louis IX
What Dorothy fails to mention is how many popes, bishops and abbots were saints!
chris griffin
francis is a heretic and a deceiver and he is stupid.