New Cardinals: Homosexualism Is Francis' Main Selection Criterion

Among the new cardinals, 16 are below 80 having the right to vote in a conclave. All of them are strenuous Francis followers.

After this consistory, Francis will have named 83 of the 132 voting Cardinals. 87 votes are enough to pick the next pope.

As done previously, Francis bypassed important archdioceses. He named the homosexualist McElroy of San Diego, a suffragan diocese of Los Angeles whose archbishop José Gomez was passed over. In Nigeria Francis chose Ekwulobia Bishop Okpaleke over Abuja Archbishop Kaigama, and in Italy Como Bishop Cantoni over Milan Archbishop Delpini.

Francis prefers to choose weak and compromised figures like Cantoni and McElroy who will not put him in the shadow. McElroy, for instance, a McCarrick favourite knew about McCarrick’s abuses. If the oligarchs' media were honest about "abuses," they could easily stop McElroy from becoming a Cardinal.

Of the seven Cardinal electors from the USA - the biggest number in history - five are homosexualists: Cupich, Tobin, Farrell, Gregory and now McElroy.

CatholicSat writes on Twitter.com that a good number of new Cardinals openly favour state-recognised homosex concubinages. For Deacon Nick Donnelly the major thrust of the Bergoglian pontificate is "getting out the welcome mat for active sodomites.”

Neo-Cardinal Leonardo Steiner of Manaus, Brazil, allowed a 2021 homosex presentation in a parish while suppressing evangelisation of indigenous villages.
After seven (!) years, Dialogue-Francis will meet with the College of Cardinals after the August consistory, allegedly to discuss the Apostolic Constitution Praedicate evangelium.


Jeffrey Ade
More mocking anyone?
Iedere homo die met Paus Franciscus het bed heeft gedeeld wordt benoemd tot Kardinaal.
Vincent Capuano
We must cling to the promise of Christ that the gates of hell will not prevail.
la verdad prevalece
The gates of hell do not prevail in the Church but in Bergoglio's Anti-Church
la verdad prevalece
What are the Gates of Hell?
The Catena Aurea of Saint Thomas Aquinas teaches us that the Gates of Hell are: Sins, vices and heresies.
Loving our enemies does not include congratulating them for receiving honors they don't deserve.
Jeffrey Ade
@Kevin Gaslighting anyone?
Lisi Sterndorfer
Francis has no talent for subtlety, usually a trait found in every good leader. He could have appointed men who walk middle ground, but instead seems to want to divide the Church in America.
‘Great God, let your Will descend upon earth, so that sin may no longer take place! The human will alone is what produces so many offenses that it seems to be flooding the earth with sins. Your Will will be the destroyer of all evils.' Volume-17-Book-Web-2-20-16.pdf (luisapiccarreta.me) Page 100
Panic attacks over Roche and McElroy... Where have you been for the last 9 years?
He makes choices but has no chance.
Jeffrey Ade
With the choices he makes!
Here is his casual look
Here is his casual look
That's actually McElroy's official look. He's simply involved in a masquerade when he dons clericals or vestments.More
Here is his casual look

That's actually McElroy's official look. He's simply involved in a masquerade when he dons clericals or vestments.
McElroy being made Cardinal was like giving McCarrick his red hat back.