Syncretistic Cardinal Suppresses FSSP Parish, Pushes FSSP Seminary Underground

In legalistic obedience to the law of Traditionis Custodes, Guadalajara Cardinal Ortega, 72, Mexico, has suppressed the quasi parish of San Pedro en Cadenas.

It was run by the Fraternity of St Peter (FSSP). Its live-streamed Masses had a big audience on social media. Ortega "allows" in his archdiocese (5.5 million Catholics) only three Roman Masses of which one is daily.

Ortega further pushed the Spanish speaking FSSP seminary which is located within Guadalajara Archdiocese, underground. The June ordination there were performed by Cardinal Burke. From now on, only members of the FSSP will be "allowed" to attend the Masses. The seminarians and priests are not "allowed" any apostolate.

In 2017, Cardinal Ortega defended a syncretistic statue which represented Our Lady of Guadalupe as an Aztec goddess. In 2021, the Pachamama Monstrance which caused a world-wide outrage, was used in his archdiocese.

Picture: Fssp.com, #newsAmktkouxqg

Jan Joseph
De Sint Petrus Broederschap en alle andere katholieke organisaties die de Tridentijnse Heilige Mis in de Rooms Katholieke kerk vieren kunnen, na het verbieden van de Tridentijnse Heilige Mis door paus Franciscus, op 16 juli 2021, niet in de Rooms Katholieke kerk blijven, anders worden ze kapot gemaakt door paus Franciscus.
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Cardinal Ortega takes clear action to protect his diocese from the 1962 Missal…
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Oh Mexico! First abortion is legalized, then bad shepherds shut down the FSSP. I wonder if the country will survive the darkness ahead.
Louis IX
Keep doing God’s work regardless of this pipsqueek hireling petty tyrant. Show some guts and refuse to comply.
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FSSP just got brutalized in Mexico
"The Church does not change. She was born on the pierced side of Christ on the cross. We are the ones who have to change." - Robert Cardinal Sarah
I guess the question is did the Fraternity abandon the flock by heeding this evil order or are they having the courage to keep going despite the evil of this Cardinal?
For our salvation, we don’t need the bishop, we don’t need the pope. We NEED the priests! They give us the sacraments needed to attain heaven. God bless the priestly order of the FSSP. God bless all priests.