Joao H Machado
I will say this with out any physical proof but the circumstantial evidence is hard to refute. Dijon, Fance like France as a whole, is dying, it has been well documented for years. The NO parishes are loosing parishioners in droves and with the closing of the Churches for the scamdemic many did not come back. The bottom line is Dijon, needs warm bodies and the Bishop will scavenge the FSSP.
Sounds like the University of Paris vs. the Friars during the middle ages all over again. All one has to do now is invoke Aquinas' "Contra Impugnantes" document for the resolution.
De Profundis
"If everyone defends his own opinion, theological hypotheses, novelties, or a pastoral approach that contradicts the demands of the Gospel and the perennial Magisterium of the Church, then division will spread everywhere." - Robert Cardinal Sarah