Rock Concert Disguised as Prayer: "We Have Lost The Nose For The Truth" - Francis

About 100,000 teenagers, aged 12-17, from across Italy filled St Peter’s Square for an Easter Monday "prayer" meeting with Francis. The event with …
Well that was pathetic!
@Thomas Petrovic The Catholic Church has not decreed "Blanco" to be any of those things and you're not qualified to do so on its behalf.
Ah... but acting LIKE something is not the same as BEING something, not as The Church defines that "something". Far too many on GTV throw around such accusations as "Catholic-sounding" criticism when -technically- it isn't Catholic at all.
The church of homo is at it again
Lee Taylor
Yes, but at least on American Idol, some of them can actually carry a tune (unlike this twerp).
Agatha James
All pop stars these days sound like they are performing on American Idol.
De Profundis
“Life is for living it and for giving it to others, life is for sharing it with others, not for closing it in on itself”
Notice he completely leaves out the supernatural purpose of life. He’s a Naturalist!
Lee Taylor
I think he’s a Humanist...with attention more to the corporeal, rather than to the spiritual. And if he really is praying to God as he claims he does, he is no longer getting any "feedback", if he ever did That much is obvious.
Francis being Francis...“Have Courage And Go Forward“
Lee Taylor
Is this a joke? It has to be. That is the most pathetic "performance" I've ever seen or heard.
The banality of this performance makes me shudder when I ponder the emptiness of the hearts and minds who invited him.