Cardinal: Amoris Laetitia Needs Clarification

“Doctrinal clarity should never scare anyone” retired Cardinal Jānis Pujats, 87, of Riga, Lettonia, said. For Pujats it is necessary to clarify Amoris Laetitia: “Doctrinal clarity should never scare …
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Bishop Li, Latin Mass Champion, Dies

Bishop Luke Li Jingfeng of Fenghsiang, a Chinese underground bishop consecrated secretly, died on November 17 aged 97, Joseph Shaw reports on his blog. Bp. Li was a pillar of traditionalism. In his …
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7.0 Quake/Pole Shift Pressure./Mini Ice Age Approaching.

7.0 Quake/Pole Shift Pressure./Mini Ice Age Approaching. 6.830 visualizaciones BPEarthWatch Publicado el 19 nov. 2017
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Mattz Johns Make Christmas Season Again ( Lyric Video ) HD

A special Christmas song 2017 for the survivors of the world from various disasters ! Share this video please ! They may get peace, joy and confidence again from our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ !
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Saturdays with the Saints 2017: Ven. Solanus Casey and St. André Bessette

MICLnotredame on Oct 27, 2017 Fr. Kevin Grove CSC, Assistant Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame, presents on St. André Bessette and soon-to-be Blessed Solanus Casey. This lecture … Dabalata
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NY Times Talks - TRUTH with Cate Blanchett, Mary Mapes, Robert Redford, and Dan Rather

Cate Blanchett, Robert Redford, Mary Mapes, and Dan Rather talk about their upcoming movie TRUTH with the NY Times. 10/8/2015
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Don Minutella and the Pope Francis Regime ~ HD

FR. MINUTELLA AND THE POPE FRANCIS REGIME - English translation of the video released by Fr. Minutella on Nov. 9. He is an Italian Priest who is being threatened with excommunication if he does … Dabalata
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Pope Francis on the young who like Latin Mass: ‘Why so much rigidity?’

Young Catholics who like the Latin Mass have a 'rigidity' which suggests 'insecurity of even something else,' Pope Francis said.
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Why calling {rigid }the younger generation for being serious devouted catholics ?maybe if you dig deep those who call rigid catholics ,they are not … Dabalata
Jim Dorchak
Why? Because the path to heaven is straight and narrow and the rule is rigid!


Opening Prayer: O Most Holy Virgin, O my Mother, ask thy Son on my behalf for everything my soul and all mankind needs so that thy Reign be established on earth. My most earnest request is that thou … Dabalata
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Second Day NOVENA TO OUR LADY OF THE MIRACULOUS MEDAL Protection of Mary in times of trial “The times are very evil, misfortunes … Dabalata
The two men were described as being in their thirties and both sporting beards and are said to have prayed in Arabic while the nuns were conducting their evening prayers. The pair also signed the … Dabalata

Islamists Barge Into French Monastery During Prayers, Demand Nuns Convert To Islam

Two Islamist men barged into the Carmel of Verdun monastery late last week during evening prayers in which they told the nuns to convert to Islam or …
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maybe not in jail ,but it would not be a big deal
if it was in canada the nuns would be in jail
"There was a confrontation when the man learned he wouldn’t be a lector at Mass"

Sister Act: Appeal rejected in defamation case against nun

In a rather surprising story out of Michigan, a parishioner St. Hugo of the Hills pursued a defamation case against a nun whom he claims defamed him …
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please act like christians
“The Sexual Revolution is now out of control. Initially promising freedom, like all revolutions, it has entered something like its Reign of Terror phase and is devouring its own children. As with … Dabalata

The Sexual Revolution Turns Ugly - Crisis Magazine

How many intellectuals have come to the revolutionary party via the path of moral indignation, only to connive ultimately at terror and autocracy? ∼ …
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Abortion: A Homicide and a Suicide

3,000 × 2,000
Thanks to @Our Lady of Sorrows for pointing us to this prophetic quote!
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Where is live is see so many, many people with grey and white hairs. Not many young at all. This older generation is the abortion generation. They … Dabalata

There's a reason why certain circles refer to Francis as “Chaos Frank!”

“What is truth?” (St. John 18, 38) Jorge Mario Bergoglio is unquestionably an innovator. But in method, before it can be seen in re...
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Like any good revolutionary, a leader must embrace chaos in order to bring about the completion of the revolution.
I dont think confusion is from God ,Confusion brings, doubts ,destruction ,clearity brings truth

Francis Described As "Dialectical Thinker"

Pope Francis represents “reconciliation thinking” according to the Perugia Philosopher Massimo Borghesi, a neoconservative who converted to Bergoglianism. Borghesi recently published the new Francis …
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Dr Bobus
He's a Hegelian wannabe. No surprise, that.
Reconciliation thinking ,does it make confusion and doubts ????